Complex Case Management

C oastal Rehab offers a client centered approach, continuity of care, accessibility to resources, opportunity for independence; and full transparency and accountability. Our focus is on the coordination and facilitation of optimising the health and well-being of clients who have experienced severe or catastrophic injuries, or whose cases are more complex due to multiple trauma, psychological overlay, or pre-existing medical history.

Finding a case manager who is competent in all functions (specifically health education, crisis management, resource development, family interventions and inter-agency coordination) can be difficult.

Coastal Rehab is owned and managed by Jacinta McCartin, who is a registered Occupational Therapist with over 20 years complex case management experience, and a member of Occupational Therapy Australia.

She is experienced in occupational therapy assessment and treatment as well as case management of patients with traumatic brain injury, multiple trauma, complex orthopaedic injury, psychological impairments, and spinal cord injury.

Jacinta’s ability to communicate effectively enables her to develop and enrich clients’ health and social networks, to build partnerships and to address barriers in complex health and social needs planning

She provides concrete and actionable competencies while remaining broad enough to encompass the diversity of professional backgrounds and working environments and believes case management is both a process and a role.

Every case is different.  Please call 07 5478 3719

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