FAQs for Families

Thank you for assisting your relative or friend with understanding and carrying out the Driving Assessment process.  It is a lot of information to comprehend and remember, and this can just increase anxiety for people who are already fearful about losing their licence.

Remember that driving is a privilege and retirement from driving is something we all must face.

Step-by-Step Process

1.    Ensure the client has a valid driver’s licence to proceed.
2.    Have the referral faxed directly from the General Practitioner or referring specialist to Coastal Rehab on fax (07) 5478 1511.
3.    Someone from Coastal Rehab will phone the client and send information about the process.

The fee is payable on the day of assessment if paying by cash or cheque.  If paying by internet banking, payment is required 3 days prior to the assessment.

Please note, once an assessment is booked in with Coastal Rehab, there may be a fee to reschedule or cancel your appointment.

4.   Please accompany your relative to the assessment.

Anxiety will negatively affect driving performance.  Please encourage the person to relax prior to the assessment.

Make sure that the person being assessed is well rested and has eaten prior to the assessment.

5.   Bring with you:

Glasses (if necessary)

Valid driver’s licence

        Completed form F3712 that has been lodged at Department of Transport and Main Roads

Cash or cheque for the fee.

FAQ's for Families

All drivers in Queensland need to know the Queensland Road Rules. Road rules are developed and enforced for your safety.  If you don’t know them by now, it is unlikely you will learn them.  However, Queensland Road Rules Refresher is a good site to keep up to date with changes to road rules.

  1. Go to your Doctor as soon as possible to obtain a Queensland Transport Medical Certificate for Motor vehicle Driver (Form 3712).  The Doctor will need to state that the Driving Assessment is underway.  The date needs to be identified for the driving assessment.
  2. Take the medical certificate to Queensland Transport and get a valid Driver’s Licence for the assessment. This only allows you to be on the road during the Driving Assessment.  You cannot drive at any other time.
  3. Now you are ready to proceed with the Driving Assessment

If you are 75 years of age or older, you must hold a Medical Certificate for Motor Vehicle Driver form (F3712) stating you are medically fit to continue to drive and carry this certificate at all times while driving. If your doctor has recommended limitations or conditions that apply to you when driving, your medical certificate must state those conditions. You must abide by these conditions when driving. For further information and frequently asked questions please refer to Queensland Transport website.

As part of the OT driving assessment process, your referring doctor will need to provide you with an interim Medical Certificate (form F3712) stating that you are undergoing a driving assessment.  This will need to be lodged at the Department of Transport and Main Roads prior to your assessment date.

Please call Coastal Rehab if you are unsure whether you need a new Medical Certificate for Motor Vehicle Driver form (F3712).

Every case is different.  Please call 07 5478 3719

To discuss your specific case with an experienced OT in confidence today.