Driving Information for Health Professionals

C oastal Rehab driver assessor trained occupational therapists perform comprehensive and objective off and on road assessments, prescribe car modifications and individualise driving remediation programs.

When considering the physical and psychological health of your patient you must refer to the medical standards. Sometimes it can be difficult to assess and recognise the extent and limits of your patient based on current medical evidence.

A specialised practical driving assessment may assist you in making the right decision.

Referral Guidlelines

General practitioners and other referring health professionals can use FORM – Driving Referral Form for OT driving assessments.

To assist us in managing the referral we ask that you provide:

  • Client details
  • Referrer details
  • Risk screening
  • Medical history
  • Current functional status
  • Current medications
  • Driving history
  • Visual capacity

Mailing Address: PO Box 77, Buddina QLD 4575
Medical Objects: Jacinta McCartin – Provider No: 2576871F
Phone: 07 5478 3719
Fax: 07 5478 1511
Email: jacinta@coastalrehab.com.au

Referring Guidelines:
Medical clearance is required prior to commencing the assessment process. Assessments require Qld Transport Form 3712 Medical Certificate for Motor Vehicle Driver completed.  Would you please prepare this certificate for the client, noting the purpose of the referral under the Licence conditions / restrictions i.e. “Undertaking a driving assessment for the purpose of determining the safety to continue to drive”.  The client will need to take this form to the Department of Transport and Main Roads prior to the assessment.

Licensing:  Patients undertaking an on-road driving assessment must hold a current licence.  If a current licence is not held an off-road assessment only can be completed.

FAQ's from Health Professionals

Queensland Transport Medical Certificate for Motor Vehicle Driver (Form: 3712) Stating that a Driving Assessment is to be undertaken to enable a temporary licence to be issued by Queensland Transport.  This can only be used on the day of assessment and your signature on the form does not imply a full clearance to drive.

A formal report will be sent back to the referring Doctor for a full medical clearance (if appropriate) following the assessment process.

The types of illnesses that might affect your patient’s ability to drive safely are:

  • Blackouts or fainting
  • Dementia and cognitive impairment
  • Seizure and epilepsy
  • Neurological conditions
  • Diabetes
  • Psychiatric conditions
  • Heart disease
  • Sleep disorders
  • Vision problems
  • Alcohol and substance misuse
  • Loss of limb or limb function
  • Age related change

If you are unsure if your client will be suitable, we encourage you to contact Jacinta McCartin – OT on phone (07) 5478 3719

Contact the Coastal Rehab admin team on phone (07) 5478 3719 or email: admin@coastalrehab.com.au

Every case is different.  Please call 07 5478 3719

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