Workplace Health & Safety Consulting

C oastal Rehab Occupational Therapists have the right skill set and experience to assess, treat, and consult on issues of current employee injury risk, near misses, and to assist in the prevention of workplace accidents.

Unfortunately, unexpected work absenteeism is a major problem in Australia as a result of an aging workforce, physical or psychological disability, and the increasing prevalence of chronic conditions.  Coastal Rehab Occupational Therapy can help.

We Help Employers Mitigate Risk

Work Health and Safety Consultation is a legal requirement and an essential part of managing health and safety risks.  Our involvement can help lower costs through monitoring high risk for employers and employees to optimise outcome.

We do this by undertaking risk management activities, proposing changes that may affect workers, assessing the adequacy of facilities for the welfare of workers and providing individualised interventions to decrease cost of care as a whole.

A safe workplace is more easily achieved when everyone involved in the work communicates with each other to identify hazards and risks.  Our approach is to monitor key metrics to mitigate costs BEFORE they rise.

Coastal Rehab provides Return to Work services and Work Health & Safety Consultation across the Sunshine Coast and surrounding regions including:

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